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I enjoyed working with Marlene and would strongly recommend her to anyone who has real estate needs.

Great service, she listens and follows up, She held our hands all the way to the closing table

Marlene coordinated the closing of our old house and the closing of our new house in another state. She was awesome, great service

Testimonial from past clients and customers

                            Welcome to Marlene Joy Realty. I decided to open my own Real Estate firm in Atlanta after

                            constant request from my past clients and constant nagging from my family. Having been a realtor and

 owner of a very successful Real Estate firm in New York since 1993, I feel very blessed to have this great opportunity

 once more. As a Broker and owner of my own firm, I look forward to helping sellers during that emotional process of giving

 up their home to someone else and moving on to the next chapter of their life whether it is to downsize or relocate.

 Whatever the reason I am here to assist with this process. 

 I am also very blessed to have the opportunity as a Realtor to assist home buyers with their dream of homeownership.

 This experience with both Sellers and Buyers have taught me so much about people. I have cried with some, laugh

 with others and celebrated with all at the closing table. That's our mission at Marlene Joy Realty, whether you are a

 Seller or a Buyer, we intend to bring you to the closing table with as little or no pain as possible. The secret to our

 success is "Honesty and Integrity combined with hard work". We listen and try to be available just as we promised.

 In addition, the professionals we work with are also available just as they promised.

 My years of working experience includes but are not limited to being a Sales Agent, Listing and Selling properties, Leasing, Evictions and Property   Management. My working experience with Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Shortsale allowed me to help clients ease the blow of that unfortunate experience   and to move on with a purpose. I was also blessed to have Compliance working experience which completed the circle of my Real Estate life. The one   thing I am proud of during my professional life is the relationships I have built during my working years which I intend to continue doing exactly that   at Marlene Joy Realty Inc. I believe that my real estate business coupled with my home staging business will help many people to accomplish their dream   of home ownership or their dream to downsize or just to relocate. Whatever the decision, I welcome you.

 I started my Real Estate career as a sales agent in 1993 at Century 21 Realty in West Hempstead NY. I pushed myself by working hard and educating   myself as much as possible but more importantly developing relationships with clients which resulted in constant referrals. Soon after I became one of the   top producers at my office and decided that it was time for me to become a broker of my own firm. With the support of my family I did exactly that, I   opened my own real estate firm in Merrick, New York. I also studied to be a paralegal at Hofstra University which helped me in my real estate field.

 In June 2006, my family and I relocated to Georgia primarily because my kids wanted to go to school in Georgia and my husband was ready to retire from   his New York job. Following a successful 13-year career in the state of New York as a Real Estate Broker/Owner, I continued my real estate passion in   Georgia educating myself to be as creative as I can be in a changing economy. During this downturn of the economy, I had an opportunity to work on the   legal side of things as a certified Paralegal. Some of these areas include bankruptcy, foreclosure, REO, shortsale and Real estate Closing.

 My passion for real estate extended to Home Staging. I staged my very 1st listing in 1993, but didn't know that it was called Staging at that time. This   passion to help people sell their house for the maximum price, was the driving force to my home staging career. As a Realtor, I often extend my services   to assist homeowners with their staging needs as this is the key factor today to sell the house faster for the maximum price. I have clients in many   different states in this country. Most of them I relocated while I owned my real estate firm in New York and we are still in contact with each other, that's     what I call a great relationship. Great relationships are a result of "Honesty and Integrity". 

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Marlene has been a trooper, she is hard working, does her due diligence and friendly

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We had some issues with our deal, but Marlene gave us hope and got to the bottom of the issue resulting in us closing in time

Testimonial from past clients and customers

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I would recommend Marlene to anyone, she is honest, she goes over and beyond to make things right. 

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